British Tankmen in WW2.

Here's a selection of my tank crew figures:~

These are basically dressed in commercial items, with my own custom bits added. With a bit of ingenuity it's possible to create an accurate and satisfactory figure. These are what I've done so far.

First,  a Lieutenant from the Queen's Bays in Libya in 1941. An old school Cavalry type , wearing what he fancied in the insouciant manner affected by many such officers... these cavalry Regiments still tried not to take war too seriously .

The corduroy trousers I made from a fine corduroy skirt....

The Royal Tank Regiment  , summer 1942 :~

Hot weather clothing : the temperature at mid-afternoon in a tank in the desert must have been unbearable.
Classic shirt and shorts outfit . Figures like this of course need arms and legs making as well : I do them in Fimo , like the heads,
and attach them to the body , retaining as much articulation as possible. The suede boots were from a pair of US roughouts  :~

Normandy : Driver, Fife & Forfar Yeomanry :~

 Most crews in Normandy after D-Day wore Battledress , or shirtsleeve order . When it was really hot they preferred the Denim tanksuit , a one piece item made with plenty of pockets , often worn just over shirt and underpants.
 Not made as such in 1/6th yet , I created this by dyeing a sand coloured version that DML made a few years back.

Tank Gunner, Holland, November 1944 :

When the autumn set in , leading to one of the coldest winters on record, crews were issued with the famous " Pixie suit " , made from heavy drill and lined with blanket fabric . This proved very popular , and was worn throughout the winter by all RAC personnel who could obtain one.
The suit on this figure came with another DML figure, but I have added the hood and replaced the incorrect buttons with snaps, and made him an RAC helmet to complete the rig :~