Private, Bedfordshire Regiment, Gaza 1917

The fighting against the Turkish forces in Palestine during the Great War is an area of interest I acquired rather early in life, since as a boy I personally knew veterans of the campaign, who were extremely talkative about their experiences.

Unlike the war on the Western Front, it eventually became a war of movement, involving large mounted forces. But before the breakout in 1918 there was a long period of stalemate in a trench system around Gaza: my figure is shown in that setting.

The uniform is the Wolseley helmet , with an orange flash on the pagri worn by the Bedfordshire regiment ; a greyback shirt, worn over khaki drill shorts and puttees . The equipment is the 1908 pattern with an extra waterbottle. In colder weather they could add a woolen service dess jacket and even a greatcoat:~

Here he is having a drink in a trench , with his mate from the Stretcher bearers having a peek at the Turkish lines :

For these figures , I used a modified version of the Sideshow greyback shirt. The rest is scratchbuilt or very heavily modified.