I began modelmaking and sculpting at a very early age, being given a lump of Plasticene at the age of three, and I’ve never really stopped since.
I was born in Somerset, raised in Berkshire, educated in Somerset and Devon, but moved north to York in my twenties , and am now happily settled just outside that perfectly- sized ancient City.

I’ve managed to make a sort of living making things since the age of 23, when I left University with a Zoology degree and No Prospect of Employment.

Somehow there has always been some little job around to keep me alive: I started with archaeological models for museums, and have worked on a bewildering variety of projects over the years, mostly around Historical Reconstruction, Illustrations, Fake Food, Renaissance Music, and small Model Soldiers for Wargamers.

The small Soldiers provide most of the income nowadays (see Links)  , along with the Museum work , and I’ve recently started offering some of my 1/6th castings to the world, all of which you will find in the Catalogue.

The 1/6th obsession occupies rather too much of my time, but I’ve found that it neatly combines many of my acquired skills and obsessions ; and most importantly, the sheer pleasure of making things.

I live in a rather small and cluttered house, infested with 1/6th figures, musical instruments , and interesting junk.