Gallery Guide


This is small selection of some of the 1/6th figures that I've made over the last few years. I have always made my own heads and hands from Polymer clay, and many of the figures also incorporate scratchbuilt items, especially for the earlier periods of history where no commercial items are available. I work in cloth , wood , leather and metal .Many of the techniques I use are described in online Tutorials, available if you register at the British 1/6th forum,

This gallery will, I hope, be expanded and updated from time to time , but for the present I've tried to cram in as many figures as possible given the limited space. 

I specialise in the British Army , for the simple reason that it's familiar , reference is accessible , and nobody else does.

Besides , the Other Lot get plenty of attention elsewhere in the 1/6th world .

17th Century figures :~

Musketeer & Sergeant, Siege of Ostend 1604

Covenanter 1644

New Model Army Musketeer

18th Century soldiers :~

Tom Kitcher 1706

Napoleonic figures :~

Peninsular War figures

Light Dragoon, 1811

Rifleman, 95th Rifles, 1811

Three soldiers from Waterloo

Grenadier, 1st of Foot, Busaco 1810

Victorian Wars:~

Crimean War figures

Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir 1882


The Great War:~

Great War Tommies

Private, Bedfordshire Regiment, Gaza 1917

The Trench, 1915

The Second World War :~

Nosher and Jim : The Western Desert, 1942

More Desert soldiers of WW2

Tommies in Italy 1944

Tommies in France 1944

Lieutenant Peter White, K.O.S.B. 1944/45

British Tankmen of WW2

Tommies in Burma

Red Army Soldiers

More Red Army Soldiers

Australian soldier, New Guinea