Pewter cast Sword Hilts  ( and other things )  :~

  A range of hilts created for my own figures , cast in pewter by me. I keep a small stock of most of these , but availability is limited .
 As with the badges  , I am always willing to consider commissions , if the object is suitable for casting .

                    I have recently had a small range of brass items cast in lost-wax by Beechcraft : buckles, sword hilts and bugles

All of these will require polishing , and some will need assembly : what you see is what you get. Prices around £2 or £3 depending on type.

 The Tower sword is one of the " pattern " types used during the ECW.
The Russian Tesak is an Infantry sword of the type used by Russian and Prussian18/19C.  infantry , as is the Austrian grenadier type.
The others are types from the 17C.
Powder flasks from the 17C.

18th/19th century Infantry hangers, now also available in brass :~

The brass versions are £5 each, the pewter £3 .

I now have a fairly complete set of British Cavalry and Infantry officer regulation pattern swords :~

These have to be cast and cleaned up to Order only , I don't carry stock.
Price negotiable depending on how much work you require. You could add the 1821 Light and Heavy cavalry hilts as used in the Crimea .

I also now have the 1796 Heavy and Light Cavalry sabres,  cast solid , though I can also sell you a hilt if you want to add your own blade. The Heavy model was the sabre favoured by Sharpe in the books by Bernard Cornwell....

British Bb Duty Bugle :

                                                                             As used from the 1850s to the present .
                                                        Available in brass or pewter, to represent silver-plated versions  :~

                                                                I also have the Eb cavalry trumpet in brass or silver . £5 .

KUKHRI KIT :~ and accurate kit for making a traditional Gurkha Kukhri , in pewter .
Requires some assembly with cyano glue.Mastered by Peter Wuesten:~

Polishes up beautifully .

BUCKLES in Brass : too numerous to list , but I have a limited stock of buckles suitable for
 several British Infantry equipment sets .
18th cent. large buckles
1871 valise belt buckles.
1880s Slade-Wallis
Sam Browne belt
1903 Bandolier
1914 Leather
Harness buckles square and oval

Please ask for stock levels and prices : the complete sets are around £15 , because they are unfortunately rather expensive to get made.