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      RESIN HEADS : cast in light flesh-coloured resin. All heads £7 + postage .

 The earliest sets are now no longer in production, so we now start with No.21.........................

Please note that 32 and 34 are out of stock.

51 and 52 out of stock at present

This is the latest set : Sorry about the transposition of 68 and 69. The Russian Ivan is actually 68, and the Scots doctor is 69.

The latest set is numbers 71 to 80 :~

Number 71 is Paddy Mayne of SAS fame , based on pics of him taken at the end of WW2 .
A couple more moustaches in this set , since so many people seem to want them , though they are easy enough to add to any head with Sculpey or an epoxy putty , or even real fur.

Please be aware that the most popular heads can run out quickly : think of alternatives if you can.
I do my best to keep stocks of all of them, but each set of ten is cast on a single mould , and I have to try and sell off all of the castings before re-ordering.

The price has had to go up....................................all heads are now

£8 each. Postage varies, but at cost. PayPal only.

To order, please e-mail me:  tony @

For fitting heads to bodies and painting go to the tips page.