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Resin cast headgear. Liners and straps NOT supplied, but the Brodie and the Stahlhelm have the bales & buckles  included.

All  £7  each + postage.

British Foreign Service helmet :

As used in the Zulu War .
Slightly larger than the commercial DML/DiD versions , with a better shape at the back .

I have now recently added some more variants , to wider the possibilities for Tropical Dress :~

From left, the Indian made FSH type , which has a longer squarer back ; The Officer pattern, Typical for 1880-1900.
The covered type, as used in the Boer War ; and the Sola Topi , introduced in the 1920s and worn through until 1946, seeing actual frontline service in Burma and Africa.
If you need to add a pagri to the frist two of these, I recommend 6mm silk ribbon.

British Wolseley Helmet :

As used by some Officers in the Boer War, by all Ranks in WW1, and still today as Dress by the Royal Marines.
I have a complete kit for the Royal Marines version , including all the badges :

 This is £10

I can do a fully finished version for you , for £18 :

German M1916 Stahlhelm :

Russian M1936 steel helmet :

British WW1 Brodie :
this model has the rim . To create the very first pattern just file off the rim:

British Home Service Helmet 1878 :

Still officially the Full Dress headgear of the British Line Infantry.
Because of the badges , this item as a kit is £10 .
The Star Plate will need a little badge of your particular Regiment adding in the centre.

Adrian Helmets :

I have available both models, the M1916 as issued from 1915 during the Great War , and the M1926 as worn in WW2.
There are a selection of pewter badges to fix on the front, depending on which branch you want to represent:
Infantry , Chasseurs, Colonial , Artillery etc. Please specify when ordering.
Both types are £7 each + postage.