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Cast by me in pewter. All items £1 each.

Postage at cost, mostly just the price of an ordinary letter , since they are very light .

Brass or gold-coloured items will require painting.

The range of Capbadges covers all the WW2 British Line Infantry Regiments, and the Cavalry and Yeomanry and Territorial Regiments are gradually being completed.
Additions will appear here as I produce them.

If in doubt , ask : I probably have it ! E-mail me .

I have a growing range of Canadian WW2 badges :~

I am gradually adding to this Canadian range as requests come in.

           Any badge you might want can be made when requested, then added to the range .

           I charge a small fee for making a new badge , normally £6 for the master , then £1 each for each casting.

BUT please bear in mind the limitations of casting; some items are impractical to cast because of the fineness of

the elements in the design (Lances and arrows are a particular problem) so I reserve the right to say no.

I do not undertake Axis badges : they are already all available commercially .

Special Commissions : I can undertake special one-off sets of Insignia to order : price negotiable :

I have RAF and Royal Navy badges as well :

And Gurkha badges , and a few from other Allied countries :


This French range is growing : please ask if you do not see it  : I am very happy to make new badges for anyone who wants them

I also have the badges for the Adrian helmet, sold separately :~

 Modern British badges : these tend to change rather fast because of all the amalgamations.
If you don't see it here, just ask:

 I  also have a small range of Napoleonic and Victorian badges , largely made for my own figures.
These have been finished by leafing them with Faber "Easy Metal " , see the bottom of the page.

MEDALS   :     I have often been asked for these , so have finally given  in !

Supplied unpainted £1 each .

They are of course fairly generic , and can be used for many medals depending on how you paint the ribbons  :~

NEW : I now have Etched Brass Shoulder Titles , as worn on Service Dress in WW1. There are now two sets of these, covering quite a large number of Battalions :~

These are £2 per pair of Titles . The Territorial Battalion Number designators ( at the top ) enlarge the possible number of units greatly.


Finishing: Most badges are slightly too thick to make them easier to cast, and will have a casting flan on the back: lay face down on a rubber-jawed vice and file flat.

For silver items, polishing with finest wire wool or metal polish is very effective. If they need painting brass or bronze ,

I recommend either the Humbrol Metallics or the Vallejo acrylic metallics, particularly Bronze No.998.

An alternative for highly-polished items is to cover them with metal leaf: the Faber "Easy Metal" can be got from any Art Shop: clean the badge with spirit, then follow the instructions for applying the leaf. Burnish in place with a stiff dry brush.

The Napoleonic items above are finished with this leaf : it's a very good finish for polished items .

Cyano glue, or contact glue like Bostik, are best for securing them to your figure.